Ride is a group dedicated to facing what’s in front of us with a reverence to the rich traditions of blues and blues/jazz.  The repertoire of songs is dedicated to feelin’ good when you hear it.  The blues influences are primarily from Chicago with a recognition to the challenges of the first eight bars and the hope found in the last four bar turnaround.  And isn’t the what life is?  We’re all just trying to make sense of things, falling to our knees in frustration and pain, only to surrender in joy and hope to that which is much bigger than us.  Ride recognizes the sacred in the everyday moment.  We know the key ingredients to a good band and good music are ‘like each other and listen to each other’.  And that’s what we do.  One of our tunes is from Michael Franti, called ‘Sometimes’: 

Sometimes I feel like I can do anything.  Sometimes I’m so alive.  Sometimes I feel like I can zoom across the sky, and sometimes I just wanna cry.

Our mission is to ride that experience with you throughout our performance.


Welcome to Ride, Blues to rock your soul

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you can’t stop the wave but you can learn to Ride it!!